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High-Flow FDM 3D Printers

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Meet the BFP-ICARUS-TP, High Flow FDM 3D Printer

Officially being released Summer of 2020, the BFP-ICARUS-TP is equipped with the latest high-flow filament system on the market. This system allows for nearly 2lbs an hour of plastic to be extruded thanks to the Typhoon extrusion system from Dyze Design. Large objects can now be printed in a few hours, not days! Equipped with an impressive build area and industry leading components, the BFP-ICARUS-TP is made for those that want to print BIG and FAST.



Simple. Reliable. Advanced Industrial Components. These are just some of the words used to describe the BFP-ICARUS. With its large build area of 18.5"x15"x36", full ballscrew linear motion system, and no proprietary 1.75mm materials, it is no surprise more USA companies are trusting Filament Innovations to be their FDM 3D Printing partner. Learn more about the BFP-ICARUS today. 


Some of our valued customers

ballscrew linear motion in a 3d printer

We are proud to announce that our BFP-ICARUS 3D Printers all ship with HiWin Linear Rails and TBI Ballscrews. This motion is powered by CNC grade NEMA23 motors on the X, Y, and Z axis. Belts are a thing of the past with the new BFP-ICARUS - never worry about a belt loosening or breaking, ever again.   


No Compromise to Quality. meet Our trusted partners.

No compromise to extrusion with Dyze Design

We are proud to use the Dyze Design PRO series with every BFP-ICARUS we build. There is absolutely no compromise to quality with this system. The extruder has 22lbs of pushing force, the hotend comes equipped with a Tungsten Carbide nozzle for wear resistance and improved thermal capabilities, and a PT100 sensor ensures accurate printing up to 450C. Trust us, the PRO series can handle whatever filament you want to throw at it.  

the importance of giving back

Filament Innovations is a proud supporter of LifeNabled. LifeNabled is dedicated to helping those in Guatemala who need prosthetics through 3D Printing and 3D Scanning. Their work allows them to scan and print prosthetics, on demand, for those in need. Their contributions to the prosthetics world through 3D Printing is unparalleled and we are proud to be one of their partners. Interested in learning more and supporting their cause? Click on the button below.

Support LifeNabled

Don't forget the usa made filament with Diamond LINE

From small spools to big spools, from regular PLA to Carbon Fiber reinforced Nylon, the Diamond LINE is a special line of filament made just for Filament Innovations. Extruded to tighter tolerances and made in the USA, the Diamond LINE filament will improve your 3D Printing experience through less extruder jams, better finished parts, and the reliability you come to expect from Filament Innovations.     

diamond line filament