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Meet the GEN-4 BFP-ICARUS, High Flow FDM 3D Printer

Officially available now, the GEN-4 BFP-ICARUS is equipped with the latest high-flow filament system on the market. This system allows for nearly 2lbs an hour of plastic to be extruded thanks to the Typhoon extrusion system from Dyze Design. This machine bridges the gap between standard FDM and Pellet Extrusion. Need large layer lines? Use the 2.50mm quick swap heatercore and lay down a line that is over 5mm wide in one pass. Need more detail and have print time to spare? Put the 0.6mm heatercore on. You now have the choice to go large and fast, or low and slow, with one extrusion system. Tired of leveling the print bed? No worries - leveling the print bed is fully automated with the inclusion of four Z axis ballscrews. Want on board filament storage? Our built in filament chamber holds six, 2.3kg/5.1lb spools with a dessicant drying system included. This is the USA Made printer the world has been waiting for. 


High-Flow is the Future and we have it, now.

Companies want to print bigger and they want faster print times. What better way to do this than printing larger objects with larger layers? Larger layers immediately create stronger prints with more plastic being bonded, instead of numerous small layers trying to bond. Plus, print time is drastically decreased and parts can still easily be post processed. Worried about running hybrid or filled materials? Don't worry, every unit ships with a hardened nozzle and a maximum print temperature of 450C. Imagine printing a functional below the knee check socket for a patient in 80 minutes? We did it and that dream is a reality now with our new BFP-ICARUS printer.   


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No Compromise Closed-Loop & Ballscrew Linear Motion System

We are proud to announce that all GEN-4 units have a closed loop linear motion system on the X and Y axis. What does that mean? Simply put, the X and Y axis motors will communicate with their encoders and drivers and autocorrect for any missed steps in the linear movement. This means the chances of a “layer shift” are greatly reduced and nearly impossible now. Our C7 Precision Ballscrews and HiWin Linear rails provide an exceptionally smooth travel platform for the Typhoon extruder. We know how important linear motion is in a 3D Printer and we spared no expense.  


No Compromise to Quality. meet Our trusted partners.

Don't forget the usa made high-flow filament

Quality is the first thing the staff at Filament Innovations focuses on, and we know quality printers need quality filament. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Mitsubishi (MCPP) as their filament has shown to print the best when heated and extruded in larger layer heights. Plus, their filament is all USA made so you know you are getting the best quality possible. Not all filament prints well at higher flow rates, but we have worked with MCPP to offer filament that is specifically made for this. In our tests, cheaper and lower quality filament could not handle being exposed to the larger melt zone of the Typhoon extrusion system. Because of this, we decided to partner up with MCPP to be able to offer filaments we know work and will keep the customer happy.

High-Flow Filament

the importance of giving back

Filament Innovations is a proud supporter of LifeNabled. LifeNabled is dedicated to helping those in Guatemala who need prosthetics through 3D Printing and 3D Scanning. Their work allows them to scan and print prosthetics, on demand, for those in need. Their contributions to the prosthetics world through 3D Printing is unparalleled and we are proud to be one of their partners. Interested in learning more and supporting their cause? Click on the button below.

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