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McArthys Red Stag Pub gets some 3D Printed Art

Beer and 3D Printed art for an Irish pub, close to St. Patrick's day? Say no more! We designed and printed some accessories for a local Irish pub where we took their 2D logo, and with a little help from TinkerCAD, made some great 3D Printed art for their restaurant....

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Starting a 3D Printing Business with the Local Community

Understanding how to start a business isn't easy, and understanding how to start one and keep it in business is even harder. Now, combine that with the stiff competition in the 3D Printing industry, well, you either have to be crazy or a genius to jump into the market to...

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3D Printing Prosthetics in Guatemala

When we were approached by LifeNabled and asked to build a 3D Printer that can fit in a suitcase, handle being thrown around by the airlines, and be plug and play in Guatamala, we were all for the challenge! LifeNabled, based in North Carolina, travels to Guatamala to print prosthetics...

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