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3D Printing Prosthetics in Guatemala

A few years ago we had a conversation with someone who changed our entire view of 3D Printing and its capabilities, and that person was Brent Wright from LifeNabled. LifeNabled is a not for profit located in North Carolina that goes to Guatamala twice a year to 3D Print prosthetics for those in need. They asked us to build them a custom 3D Printer that can fit in a suitcase, survive being thrown around by the airlines, and successfully print in the conditions of Guatamala; and we said "we can do it". A few months later they had a plug and play 3D Printer that they take down with them to make prosthetics for those in need. The picture posted here is their recent trip to Guatamala in February 2019 showing the prosthetics of two individuals who received them. This picture says a thousand words and reminds us of why we take so much care and time to create amazing 3D Printers.