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Filament Innovations and Phoenix Hockey USA Team Up!

As a USA based company who designs and builds custom 3D Printers, it is a true pleasure to work with other USA based manufacturers who are building their product right here in the USA. We are proud to say we are working with Phoenix Hockey USA to 3D Scan and 3D Print prototypes of the field hockey sticks they are creating. Our local news company, WFMZ, recently did a story on them and we were mentioned!

We started by 3D Scanning one of their field hokey sticks using our in house professional grade 3D Scanner. After some minimal CAD cleanup, we were able to send it off to the BFP-ICARUS-X 3D Printer we have in house using some white Diamond LINE filament. After a 12 hour successful print, we kicked the prototype back off to the guys at Phoenix Hockey USA. The grip area of the original stick measured 45.05mm and our 3D Printed model came in at 45.06mm, not bad at all! They were impressed with the quality and accuracy of everything. After that, they put the stick through some post processing and gave it that beautiful Irish flag finish you see in the picture. Yes, that Irish flag finished stick is 3D scanned and printed! 

Looking forward to seeing everything we can do with them in the future.