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Helping to Provide Prosthetics to U.S. Veterans via 3D Printing

Filament Innovations prides itself on its BFP-ICARUS line. The machine is a workhorse and a valuable asset to any organization looking to do rapid prototyping, short run manufacturing, and really, anything else 3D Printing related. One of the areas we always wanted to be involved in is the Prosthetics area. 3D Printing allows for custom prosthetics to be made for those on demand, normally within a few hours. Recently, we had the great experience of placing a BFP-ICARUS in the VA Hospital in St. Louis, and wow, what an experience it has become! 

We really pride ourselves on our ability to create such a workhorse of a machine, right here in our shop in Pennsylvania. And to know, what we are creating by hand, has such an influential impact on our U.S. Veterans, this reminds us why we do what we do everyday. If you are a prosthetics company looking for a workhorse of a machine that is dependable, reliable, and will produce the results you are looking for, then please feel free to contact us today. #America.