Building Custom, Large-Scale, & Affordale 3D Printers. Founded in Bethlehem, PA.

Starting a 3D Printing Business with the Local Community

We don't hide our roots because it is important for people to know where we came from. Filament Innovations truly is a company that started in a spare bedroom, then into a garage, and now into a 1,500sq/ft shop, with plans to build another 2,000sq/ft shop in the summer of 2019. Over time, our clients have been all over the place, from working with not for profits all the way to the US Army. Recently, as we have continued to grow and expand, a local bank (BB&T) asked to do an article on us and the Northampton Area Community College FabLab

The Northampton Area Community College FabLab remains an integral part of our business because that is where we can trace the roots of our early beginnings. When we were first starting out with an idea and barely two pennies to rub together, the FabLab allowed us to bring our 3D Printers in for stress testing and real world use. This allowed us to push our printers to the limits and get real world feedback on how to improve the units, without needing to devote additional R&D costs. It is important for businesses to always remember where they came from, and while FI will continue to grow, we will always remain grounded in our roots and our community.