Building Custom, Large-Scale, & Affordale 3D Printers. Founded in Bethlehem, PA.


$ 8,999.99

Looking for a 3D Printer that is dependable? Large-Scale? And built in the USA? The BFP-ICARUS line of 3D Printers is the newest line of 3D Printers to be offered by Filament.....


$ 500.00


Diamond LINE - Carbon Fiber - PLA & ABS - 1.75mm

$ 69.99

Carbon Fiber filament made by people who are obsessed with Carbon Fiber, and made right here in the USA -  it is a good combination. We use 12% Carbon Fiber.....

Dyze Hotend

$ 120.00

1.75mm - 500C - 24V Heater - 0.6mm Nozzle..

Dyze Nozzle Pack

$ 120.00

Hardened Steel Nozzles - 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm..

Official Filament Innovations Hoodie

$ 34.99

Premium grey, medium weight, Gildan hoodies are screen printed on both sides. The front has Filament Innovation's logo and statement. Tell the world how you support USA Built 3D Printers.....

Official Filament Innovations T-Shirt

$ 19.99

Premium grey Gildan T-Shirts are screen-printed on the back with the Filament Innovation's logo and statement (there is nothing printed on the front). Tell the world how you support USA.....