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Being Different is Good...

Filament Innovations is a family owned, open-source 3D Printing company located in historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Being a family owned company means we have a lot to do to ensure we deliver a top quality product, and to deliver this we had to move our Filament operations to the USA starting the beginning of 2017. 3D Printing will revolutionize manufacturing, we all know that is a fact, and with this revolution we will see more goods being manufactured in America using 3D Printing. If we want to bring manufacturing back to America through 3D Printing, then not only does the product need to be produced in America, but the filament needs to be produced here too.  

Over the past few years we have seen more and more companies selling 3D Printing filaments and accessories. This flooded the market with many sellers who offer some high quality goods, but more so, low quality goods. What is even worse is the type of after service support you get with these companies and sellers. Many online stores are either direct Dropshippers out of China with no 3D Printing experience, or "branch" companies of electronics retailers trying to sell a product without being able to offer any helpful knowledge to the customer. 

What makes us different? Well, we are family owned so our reputation is on the line with this business. We go out of our way to make sure each customer is treated like a fellow family member and we will do everything we can to make sure you, the customer, is happy. Other online retailers will take your money and leave you when you need individual support, but we are there to make sure you get up and running. Don't get us wrong, there are some amazing online 3D Printing retailers out there, but unfortunately they are becoming fewer and farther between. 

We want to be sure 3D Printing becomes the next big manufacturing boom everyone believes it will be. To do this, we wanted to make sure as much of our products as possible are produced in America. Much of the hardware and electronics 3D Printers use are made overseas, unfortunately there are not any known American manufacturers of these yet, but you will find all the filament on this website is proudly made in America. We work hand in hand with a local plastics extrusion company (which is also family owned), to make sure our filament is produced to our absurdly high standards. And the entire product, front to back, is proudly 100% Made in America! 

We are calling our Made in America filament the "Diamond LINE". All Diamond LINE filament is made to our absurdly high standards. We hired an independent test lab to measure Tensile Strength on our Diamond LINE and the "basic" spool you will find on Amazon for $25. The results? The Diamond LINE came in at 20% plus stronger in Tensile Strength at just over 8,700 PSI (PLA was tested). When you purchase a spool of Diamond LINE filament you are getting a, scientifically proven, stronger product than what you are probably used to and you are supporting Made in America for only a couple bucks more! That's a deal and a half. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and getting to know our family owned, open-source, and fiercely independent 3D Printing company. We hope you enjoy our products!

Michael Gorski - MBA, PhD

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