Our Clients

Founded in 2015, Filament Innovations has had the opportunity to work with numerous different clients, covering many different industries. We have worked with clients who focus on providing low-cost prosthetics for those in developing countries, universities and schools for education, and the US Government for research in different sectors, just to name a few industries. No matter what your industry is, FDM 3D Printing can make a large impact on on your operational workflow, and in most cases, drastically save money often spent on lengthy prototyping. Why do our customers return to buy more 3D Printers from us? Simply put, we always look out for our customers and never abandon them. We take pride in developing a relationship with every customer that purchases a 3D Printer from us. Below you will find a list of some of the companies we have had the privilege to work with. 


Area: Prosthetics

Lifenabled (Raleigh, NC) and Filament Innovations have been working together for years to develop 3D Printers that can be transported to Guatemala with the Lifenabled team. Once in Guatemala, their team will meet with locals who are in need of prosthetics and use 3D Printing to assist in creating a final prosthesis for their client - on demand and in real time. Their mission truly demonstrates what 3D Printing can do by showing rapid development of prosthetics to help those in need. Moved by their story? You can donate to their organization to keep them going. Just click on the logo above to be re-directed to their website.  

For their recent trip to Guatemala, in August 2018, the Lifenabled team was able to print a prosthetic arm for a young man who lost his left arm in an unfortunate accident. This prosthetic was made in Guatemala using a custom BFP series 3D Printer made by Filament Innovations and Lifenabled.   


Area: Prosthetics

Abilities in Motion (AIM, located in Cincinnati, OH), uses FDM 3D Printing to help develop prosthetics for those in need. After being disappointed with other, lower cost, machines and being unhappy with the technical support that came with those, they contacted Filament Innovations about a desktop unit they could use to continue their prosthetics research. After listening to what AIM wanted from a 3D Printer, Filament Innovations built and shipped a rock-solid desktop unit that was pre-calibrated and designed to perform. They continue to develop prosthetics on the machine and it is printing everyday.  

The above video demonstrates a multi-piece print, for an artificial finger prototype, being researched. 



Area: Education

Northampton Area Community College (Bethlehem, PA) and its FabLab have been using Filament Innovations 3D Printers for years now, at multiple campus locations. From showing students what 3D Printing can do, all the way to supporting Filament Innovations with beta and stress testing, their FabLab has been an instrumental partner for ensuring continued success. Younger students are growing up with 3D Printing now, and no longer does a small object impress them. Northampton Area Community College turned to Filament Innovations and their BFP-ICARUS-X unit, with an 18'x16"x36" print area, to make larger objects to demonstrate what is possible and how FDM 3D Printing has quickly grown over a few short years. 


Area: Prosthetics

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (St. Louis, MO) contacted Filament Innovations for a large scale 3D Printer for large prosthesis research. This VA Hospital could have went anywhere for their 3D Printer, but they chose Filament Innovations for their professionalism, price, and amazing customer service for their large-scale BFP-ICARUS 3D Printer. Currently, the 3D Printer is being used to help research new prosthetics that can help returning soldiers who were injured overseas.



Area: Research

The U.S. Army chose the BFP-ICARUS to conduct research on new materials for 3D Printing. If you are a government employee and interested in working with Filament Innovations, rest assured we have all the paperwork in place to make it a smooth process. We are in the SAM Database using our DUNS number of 081170616. 


Area: New Brand Development

Robert Thomas Design (RTD, located in Allentown, PA) is a consulting firm that specializes in New Brand Development. RTD works with clients to develop new brands and turn their ideas and concepts into artistic renderings. RTD contacted Filament Innovations to help grow their business. They wanted to take their artistic renderings and turn them into physical prototypes for customers to see and hold, in person. By working with Filament Innovations, they were able to provide their customers with large-scale physical prototypes, helping to take RTD to the next level by providing a service they were unable to provide before. 


Area: Video Consulting and Development

The Production Pocketknife (Bethlehem, PA) is a full video production firm servicing eastern Pennsylvania and beyond. This group focuses on all levels of video production, from promotional videos all the way through full featured films. While working on a local independent film, Filament Innovations was contacted about a large-scale 3D Printer that could print large movie props. The Production Pocket Knife turned to Filament Innovations and their BFP-ICARUS line of 3D Printers to print large movie props and the props were all created in a few days - something that would not have been possible through normal manufacturing means.