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Please note all information below if for our first generation ICARUS units, ending production 12/31/18. All ICARUS units in 2019 will be our new generation and this page will be updated when all information is ready for publishing. 

Our support page is dedicated to the BFP-ICARUS line of 3D Printers. We want every customer to know everything they can about this line of 3D Printers. From leveling the machine, to getting that first layer perfectly down, you'll have access to all the information you need on this page. 

Some files are in a WinRar format (like a WinZip file), you can download WinRar and use it to extract the files. WinRar is available here. 

Owner's Manual for BFP-ICARUS and BFP-ICARUS-X (PDF): Download

Quick Reference Guide (PDF): Download

Marlin OS for BFP-ICARUS (WinRar): Download

Marlin OS for BFP-ICARUS-X (WinRar): Download

MKS TouchScreen - same for all models (WinRar): Download