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Our support page is dedicated to the BFP-ICARUS line of 3D Printers. We want every customer to know everything they can about this line of 3D Printers. From leveling the machine, to getting that first layer perfectly down, you'll have access to all the information you need on this page. 


Owner's Manual for BFP-ICARUS and BFP-ICARUS-X (PDF): Download

Firmware (RepRap Firmware for Duet 2 Boards)

BFP-ICARUS V1.02: Download

BFP-ICARUS-X V1.02: Download

Slicer Profiles:

BFP-ICARUS Series Cura*: Profile

BFP-ICARUS Series Simplify3D*: Profile

   *Note - Cura and Simplify3D have one profile. In Cura, you will add the 3D Printer specifications in the Add Printer area of Cura. For Simplify3D, the default Z axis height is 915mm for the BFP-ICARUS-X model. If you have the BFP-ICARUS, change this 915mm value to 610mm by going to: Edit Process Settings - G-Code - Build Volume

3D Printed Parts

Dyze Extruder and Hotend Cooling Fan Housing*: Download

   *Note - All fans are 24VDC. The left fan is 50x50x15mm and the rear fan is 40x40x20mm

Cable Chain Bracket - Extruder Carriage Side : Download

Cable Chain Bracket - Frame Side: Download

General Support:

Duet 2 Wifi Documentation: Link

GECKO Print Plate Support: Link

Dyze Extruder and Hotend Support: Link

TH3D Bed Leveling Sensor Tuning: Link

Print Tuning and Troubleshooting: Link