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BFP Series 3D Printers

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   Machines are currently available to preorder and will be shipping the end of November! Any BFP printer purchased between now and the end of November will be shipped at the end of November on a first come, first serve basis. 

    Welcome to an open-source, large scale 3D Printer design from a truly, open-source company! We have been developing the BFP Series 3D Printers for three years now and have put it through extensive R&D. Scaling a 3D Printer is one thing, but scaling a 3D Printer and doing it right is another. The BFP series 3D Printers were built to fill a void that is present in the market right now is. And that void is, where are the more robust, heavy duty, open-source 3D Printers? We designed these printers from the ground up. And we think customers will notice how robust these printers really are from their Carbon Fiber print plates, oversized aluminum framing, custom made 15mm GT2 timing belts, and 110VAC heated bed platform (to name a few). Oh and did we mention it comes stock with a BullDogXL 5:1 geared extruder and stainless steel Prometheus V2 hotend? That is correct - exotic and infused filaments are no problem for this machine straight out of the box!

    These printers come into two designs: the BFP475 and the BFP310. The only difference in these 3D Printers lies in their build area. The BFP475 has a build area of 18"x16"x27", while its smaller counterpart, the BFP310, has a build area of 12"x12"x18". The BFP75 was designed for small businesses in mind, for those businesses that need a large build area to create bigger prototypes and finished goods. The BFP310 was designed for advanced 3D Printing users who are looking for a more robust and industrial 3D Printer, but may not have the room to store such a large machine as the BFP75. The only difference in these two models are the print areas of the machines.  

     Both of these printers ship in wooden crates (custom built by us) and arrive as pre-assembled kits. What is a pre-assembled kit you ask? We build the printers in house and ship them slightly taken apart to keep shipping costs down. This means you will have to assemble the Z axis and plug the wires into the control board. Don't worry though, we make this easy, just hope on over to our build guide to see what final assembly of the printers is like. We think you will quickly see that it isn't hard at all. Have no fear though, if you would like to purchase one of these assembled and ready to go out of the box, feel free to drop us a line through our Contact page and we will work with you anyway we can. 

    If you are looking for all the good technical specifications, then don't you worry my friend, we have all of that just below. That will give you an overview of the parts we use, what you can expect, and just how industrial this 3D Printer really is. Thank you for taking the time to consider one of our BFP Series 3D Printers and support an American, family-owned company that is dedicated to the open-source 3D Printer movement! 

 Part Description BFP Series 3D Printers
   BL-Touch Bed Leveling Sensor Yes
   BullDog XL Extruder Yes
   Prometheus V2 Hotend (300C Max Temp) Yes
   Nozzle Diameter 0.6mm
   Filament Size  1.75mm
   Custom 15mm Wide GT Belts Yes
   Custom 24T Pulleys Yes
   Aluminum 20x60 and 20x20 Extrusions Yes
   MGNC12 Rails and Bearings Yes
   Nuts, Bolts, Washers, etc Yes
   Realistic Print Speed =< 75 mm/s
   Theoretical X/Y Accuracy 0.012mm
   Theoretical Z Accuracy 0.004mm
   Printing Accuracy 0.10mm
   Minimum Layer Height 100 microns (0.1mm)
   Hybrid NEMA 23 for X,Y,and Z Axis Yes
   Electrically Shielded Extruder Wires Yes
   MKS TFT TouchsScreen and LCD Screen Yes
   MKS Gen 1.4 Board and A4988 Drivers Yes
   24V DC Power Yes
   SD Card (Pre-Loaded Cura Profile and Marlin       Software) 2GB
   110VAC Heated Bed Yes
Kit Variations/Other
   Support Help Located in Bethlehem, PA Yes
   Bearing Plate and Print Plate Carbon Fiber
   Wiring Harness (Wires are Supplied) Pre-Assembled
   Certain Components (Extruder Assembly, etc) Pre-Assembled


Shipping and Logistics

    All printers will either ship UPS or FedEx Ground. These ship in five-seven days once payment is received (come time of final launch after pre-orders, Winter 2017). These printers also ship in custom made wooden crates to ensure you receive the printer in perfect condition.


    It is the customer's responsibility to have a basic set of Metric Allen Keys on hand to assemble the printer.

General and Legal Disclaimer

    We have been developing the BFP Series of 3D Printers for three years now, and are fully confident in it's design and the parts we have chosen to include so you have the best possible 3D Printing experience. As a business that sells 3D Printer Kits, we would never put our name on anything that we were not fully confident with. If you are unsure about if you can handle the assembly then you can see our constantly evolving Assembly Manual by clicking the link. While this is boring, we need to state this, we are not legally liable for any mistakes or issues that may arise during the build or use of the 3D Printer - however we are here to help you get your machine running in anyway we can. We are selling you a 3D Printer Kit, and therefore the end user is responsible for the final inspection of the parts, assembly, and build quality. Please take your time and assemble your BFP 3D Printer with care as this will give you the best print quality possible! Plus, assembling a 3D Printer is fun and allows you to really know how the machine works.

As a general rule of operating a 3D Printer, never leave your 3D Printer alone while it is running! 

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