BFP-ICARUS High-Flow FDM 3D Printer

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  • Have you ever wanted to have the benefits of pellet extrusion, but the ease of using filament? Or have a printer than can still print the FDM quality you want, but switch over to larger layer lines with the twist of a thumbscrew? Perhaps you are just tired of leveling the print bed and want a fully automated process. Maybe you just want a USA Made machine with USA Support from the people who actually built it? Our fourth generation BFP-ICARUS was built with you, the customer, telling us exactly what you want from an FDM machine. The idea of the fourth generation BFP-ICARUS was simple, listen and implement what the customer wants, and that is exactly what we did. The listed price includes one BFP-ICARUS 3D Printer, one Simplify3D license, five large spools of PETG filament, and freight shipping via FedEx.

    • Machine Size (W,D,H): 47"x29"x72" with 3.2mm Aluminum Panels
    • Build Area (mm) (W,D,H): 405x356x890
    • Motors: Closed-Loop Stepper Servo for X&Y, Z Axis is Four 10:1 Geared NEMA23s
    • Motion: HiWin Linear Rails and C7 Ballscrews
    • Print Surface: Magnetic and Removable Flex Plate
    • Print Plate: 6.35mm ATP-5
    • Filament Type: PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon, TPU, TPC, ASA, PVA, HIPS, BVOH, PC, PET, Carbon Fiber Reinforced, Fiber Reinforced, Wood Reinforced, etc.
    • Wall Voltage: 110VAC at 13A (15A Breaker Needed)
    • Printer Voltage: 24VDC
    • Control Board: 32 Bit Processor Duet2 Wifi & Duet Expansion Board
    • Max Bed Temp: 120C
    • Heated Bed: 110VAC from BriskHeat
    • Water Chiller: CW-3000
    • Accent LEDs and Interior Lighting
    • Firmware: RepRap Firmware
    • Bed Leveling: Mesh Bed Compensation
    • Tilt Compensation: 4 Motors Independent Tilt
    • Bed Probe: German Designed Inductive
    • Built In Wifi: 2.4ghz Network Only
    • Recommended Slicer: Simplify3D
    • Remote Print Monitoring: Wyze Camera
    • Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
    • Extruder: Typhoon High-Flow
    • Hotend: Typhoon High-Flow
    • Nozzle Choices (mm): 2.50, 1.80, 1.20, 0.90, 0.60
    • Max Nozzle Temp: 450C
    • Temperature Probe: PT100s
    • Filament Sensor: Dyze Sentinel
    • Printed Accuracy: ~100 microns

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bridging pellet extrusion and standard FDM performance, and making it easy to use

When we were designing the newest BFP-ICARUS printer, we took a step back and said, how can we make this easier for the customer to use? To do this, we asked you, our customers, what could we do to make your 3D Printing experience even easier? Plus, we searched the internet on what users commonly complain about with FDM 3D Printing. Across the board we saw the same complaints, over and over. People wanted faster printing, a higher volume of extrusion for more mechanical objects, a way to end layer shifting, a printer without inferior belts, no more wasting time leveling the print bed, etc. We went to the drawing board and said our fourth generation unit has to answer all these questions, and more. We wanted to create an easy 3D Printing experience with the most reliable hardware possible, and do as much as can with USA Made parts.

it is all about the flow, and we have high-flow

        • People want to extrude plastic faster, with larger layer lines and wider paths - it is the future of FDM. Until now, users would need to seek out expensive pellet extrusion services or pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring it in house. On the flip side to this, pellet extrusion lacks the detail you can achieve from normal FDM technology. This is what makes the new BFP-ICARUS standout from the crowd, you can now choose what you want, with one extrusion system. We have partnered with Dyze Design to bring their high-flow filament extrusion system, called the Typhoon, to life. With nearly 2lbs of filament being able to be extruded per hour, larger and more robust objects are easily obtainable. Need more detail? No problem, the quick-swap heatcores range in size from 0.6mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.8mm, and 2.50mm.

Automated and True Bed Leveling. Yes, that is correct.

      • Anyone who has ever used a FDM 3D Printer before knows that getting the bed just level is one of the hardest parts. This is usually done by using leveling springs and a feeler gauge to get the bed just right. This is a very time consuming and frustrating process (trust us, we know). We are happy to say we have automated this pricess by using four Z axis ballscrews motors that are independently driven using 10:1 Geared NEMA23 motors. Essentially, these motors will "tilt" the bed in the appropriate direction after the printer probes each corner of the square build-plate. Simply press a button on the LCD screen and the printer will automatically level itself. Plus, Mesh Bed Leveling accuracy is drastically increased as the bed can tilt in numerous directions now, instead of the commonly seen left to right tilt on the majority of printers, which cannot compensate for variances that run from front to back

Closed Loop stepper/servo motors and ballscrews make a difference.

      • Layer shifting is one of the biggest problems that plague the FDM industry. This occurs when a mechanical part on the linear motion system is loose, or the 3D Printer cannot handle the command, and the nozzle will move away from the print and starting printing in mid-air. By implementing a closed-loop stepper/servo motor system on the X and Y axis, combined with HiWin Linear Rails and C7 Precision Ballscrews, we have essentially eliminated the possibility of layer shifting. Plus, no belts means less maintenance and never worrying again if the belt has enough tension on it. This directly correlates with more successful prints and less wasted time.

Training and the right filament are key for success

      • Training is key to success with high-flow FDM 3D Printing. We are happy to announce that every BFP-ICARUS sale comes with 8 hours of training at the Filament Innovations facility, or via Video Conference to be COVID considerate. You and your staff will have a dedicated technician with you for eight hours to show everything you need to know to use your 3D Printer. Plus, every sales comes with filament from Mitsubishi (MCPP), that we have tuned to be optimal for high-flow 3D Printing. We want to be sure the BFP-ICARUS meets your standards and is performing for you!

Ready to connect and learn about high-flow 3D Printing? Then let's chat.

      • Some people are 3D Printing experts and some are new, and hey, we get it. Our goal is to be forward, transparent, and honest with you. As a family owned company, our reputation means the world to us. All of our 3D Printers are hand built in our shop in Pennsylvania and we take a lot of pride in our work. We want to be sure you fully understand what high-flow FDM 3D Printing is as how it can help your business. With that said, why not drop us a message over on our Contact Us page and we will reach out shortly. We look forward to talking with you!