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Diamond LINE - Carbon Fiber - ABS or PLA - 1.75mm

$ 34.99

Material and Net Weight:

Product Details

Filament Overview - PLA:

  • 100% Ingeo PLA from NatureWorks with 12% Milled Carbon Fiber by Weight
  • Filament Innovation's Mixture/Formula 
  • American Sourced and Produced PLA and Carbon Fiber
  • 1.75mm - Produced Within +/- 0.05mm Tolerance
  • Net Weight: 500g
  • Printing Temperature: 210C - 230C
  • Bed Temperature: 0C (50C if Available)
  • Retraction: 0.5mm @ 40mm/s
  • Speed: Less than 75mm/s
  • Nozzle: Minimum 0.4mm on a well-tuned machine

Filament Overview - ABS:

  • 100% Pure ABS from NatureWorks with 12% Milled Carbon Fiber by Weight
  • Independently Proven to be 131% Stronger in Tensile Yield Strength
  • Filament Innovation's Mixture/Formula 
  • American Sourced and Produced ABS and Carbon Fiber
  • 1.75mm - Produced Within +/- 0.05mm Tolerance
  • Net Weight: 500g
  • Printing Temperature: 225C - 250C
  • Bed Temperature: 75C+
  • Retraction: 0.5mm @ 40mm/s
  • Speed: Less than 75mm/s
  • Nozzle: Minimum 0.4mm on a well-tuned machine


  • USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day. Translation? You get your order FAST. Ships from Bethlehem, PA. Oh, and shipping is FREE. Yup, it is. 

Carbon Fiber Filament: 

Let's take a few seconds here to chat about Carbon Fiber filament... there seems to be a lot of talk on the Web about what constitutes a great Carbon Fiber filament. Some people throw around words like High-Modulus Carbon Fiber additive, others Milled, and some Chopped. You'll see companies claiming 10%-20% additive, and immediately, you'll want the 20% additive, right? Because 20% means more Carbon Fiber! So it must be better! Nope, not the case. Carbon Fiber filament is only as good as the base material it is being combined with. Our dedication to using American Sourced Ingeo PLA, or ABS, means we are committing ourselves to a higher standard. A stronger and better base polymer means a better filament for you! We also spooled 10%, 12%, 15%, and 20% Carbon Fiber by weight and tested each one. We found 12% to be the best weight, overall, for you to extrude without having to worry about the filament breaking; since the Carbon Fiber additive makes the filament more brittle. What good is any 3D Printer filament if you cannot print with it?!  Plus, we just independently tested the ABS CF and it came in 131% stronger than the Chinese competitor! Thats is American quality. 

By the way, did we mention our Carbon Fiber additive is USA sourced, too? It is. We are giving you the best Carbon Fiber filament possible by using the best ingredients. 

Why use a Carbon Fiber filament? You'll want to use this filament where rigidity is a key factor. For example, this is optimal for mechanical parts (such as gears or brackets), or for use in Drones where you don't want to frame to flex in the air.

We are so passionate about this filament that it is ridiculous. Even if you don't buy your Carbon Fiber filament from us, buy it from a place you can trust, preferably from a manufacturer in the USA. We had some Carbon Fiber filament tested from China and the results were horrible, just utterly terrible. Sellers of these filaments on Amazon/eBay, that are imported from China, can claim 10%-20% and when you test them, you are lucky to get a sprinkle of pixie dust in there. There is a lot of miss-information and untrue claims regarding Carbon Fiber filament from sellers on Amazon/eBay, mostly imported from China. All we ask, as a family owned company in Bethlehem, PA, if you are going to spend the money on Carbon Fiber filament, buy it from a company you can trust!    

Company Overview:

Filament Innovations is an open-source, family owned, and fiercely independent 3D Printing company located in historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Our goal is simple, to produce the finest 3D Printing material you have ever used at a price that is completely affordable, through front to end operations in America – and we did just that with 2017’s Diamond LINE filament. Being a family owned company allows us to source the finest ingredients American manufacturing has to offer and, then take this raw material, and transform it into a true “Made in America” product. 

We have teamed up with a local (and also family owned) plastic extrusion company to have our filament produced to our very high standards. The result is perfectly wound spools, with zero oily residue and zero air pockets, and overall perfect filament to ensure that 30 minute, or 30 hour print, you are going to start ends perfectly. Try the Diamond LINE today, and as a family-owned company, we personally assure you it will the best filament you have ever used.


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