Diamond LINE - PLA - 1.75mm Diameter

Filament Innovations

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is the backbone of the 3D Printing industry. Derived from renewable resources (like corn), it is a biodegradable plastic that is a pleasure to print with. It's low cost and ease of use make it the go to filament for many 3D Printing users. PLA will emit a sweet smell when printing, similar to maple syrup, when in a closed environment. Our PLA is extruded using the Nature Works 4043D polymer. 

Please note, this is for 1.75mm filament. If you need 2.85mm, then please click here

PLA Uses:

  • Prototyping
  • Gifts
  • Household Items
  • General 3D Printing

Filament Print Settings:

  • Hotend Temperature (C): 190-225
  • Bed Temperature (C): 0-60
  • Print Speed (mm/s): 0-100
  • Retraction Speed (mm/s): 35-60
  • Retraction Length (mm): 0.50-0.75
  • Bed Surface Prep: Blue painters tape or specialty bed coverings (GECKO, BuildTak, etc)

Technical Data:


  • FedEx Ground (all filament ships free and ships same or next business day)

Why Filament Innovations?

      Filament Innovations is a family owned and operated company located in the Bethlehem, PA area. By working with us and purchasing our filament, you are contributing to the further development of the entire 3D Printing industry. Being family owned and operated means we go the extra mile for our customers, to ensure their complete satisfaction, with all Filament Innovations products. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately through our Contact Us page. We know you will love our Diamond LINE filament, because at Filament Innovations, we never compromise quality. All of our filament is 100% Made in the USA using only virgin materials, vacuum sealed with desiccant, produced within 0.05mm diameter tolerance, and has a roundness tolerance of 0.03mm.